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Additional Services

To make your pet feel more at home


Playtime is an additional service in which a dedicated member of our staff spends time with your pup in one of our many outdoor yards; when the weather is not permitting outdoor fun, playtime is done indoors. TNK’s staff will play with your pup 1-2 extra times a day. Ideally we would like to have one time in the AM and a second time in the PM pending number of guests staying. This playtime is in addition to the 3 times your pup is let out in our standard boarding option. Playtime can include activities such as playing ball, catching a Frisbee or simply cuddling with your pup the same way you would at home when you think that no one is watching.

1 dog, 2 playtimes - $9.00
Multiple family dogs, 2 playtimes - $11.00

Supervised Group Playtime

Does your dog enjoy being with others? Well let him enjoy a small play group with some doggy friends. Keep in mind dogs not regularly socialized do not necessarily know how to behave politely with other dogs. These dogs are at higher risk of incidents including, but not limited to: bites, fights, and scratches. If TNK staff feels that the "level of play" becomes excessive then a new play group will be formed or private play substituted in.

Supervised Group Playtime – 5 dogs per group at maximum

Per dog - $10.00

Nature Walks

Sign your pup up for a nice relaxing walk around our 7 acre Member's Only Dog Park. Our Nature Trails are located safe and sound in the middle of nature. This is just what the doctor ordered for all pups - young and retired.

1 dog - $7.00
Multiple family dogs - $9.00

A Dip n the Pool (Seasonal)

Keep in mind our guests will only be toweled dry. Long haired guests COULD get mats as there is NO brush out service. TNK mainly recommends this extra service for short haired breeds only, unless being seen by our TOP NOTCH groomer at the end of the stay.
All pool breaks will be roughly 15-20 minutes long

Short haired guests 30lbs and under - $5.00
Long haired guests 30lbs and under - $7.00

Short haired guests 31lbs and over - $10.00
Long haired guest 31lbs and over - $14.00

Think & Play

We've added yet another Playtime option for your Boarding pup! While our other playtime options are designed to help utilize your pet's physical energy, our newest option is designed to help use up that awesome brain power! Think & Play is designed to help use your pet's mental and physical energy at the same time. Through a collection of activities that include: puzzle games, nose games & positive training, your pet will enjoy applying his problem solving skills to find treats and practice new behaviors.

Think & Play is a once per day session that lasts approx. 45 minutes - 1 hour. Your pet will spend time with TNK's Trainer participating in fun filled, positive activities. Have an older pet or a pet with medical concerns? No problem! Let the staff know when you sign up and our trainer will tailor the activities to your pets abilities!

Sign up soon! Spots are limited and are first come first serve. Feel free to book your pet in advance. Please bring plenty of small treats to be used during your pups session. 
Think & Play is available Monday-Friday and is $12 per day.

Excessive Medication Charge

Daily administration of 3 medications is complimentary as many times your pup/s depends on critical medications.

Any guest needing more than 3 medications will be charged "an extreme medication" fee of $5 per day. Maintaining quality of care for your pup is our #1 priority, yet having more than 3 medications does require "extra" time from our staff to administer them

$5.00 daily if pet has over 3 medications

Friendly Advisory

As you know our staff here at Top Notch Kennels tries very hard to always be courteous and respectful to our furry clients and the feelings of their owners, yet sometimes we have to minimize the possibility of any situation that may have a negative outcome.

With all due respect the extra service/s that was requested for your pups stay was not completed, although we attempted, TNK’s policy is never to put anyone in harm’s way. Our professional staff and most importantly your pup will always have Top Notch quality of care and consideration.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Kristi Eberhardt (Owner)
and TNK Staff

Top Notch Kennels - Specializing in Boarding & Grooming since 1994. Contact TNK @ (630) 554-9001 or office@topnotchkennelsinc.com