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Policies & Procedures


At Top Notch Kennels, your pet's safety and comfort is priority #1.

TNK takes pride in being the only facility of its kind in the Western Suburbs that services all kinds of pets:
Pets with Special Instructions
Customize Care with owner concerns of: Aggression, Fear, and Timidness.

Special medical needs such as:
Insulin injections
Saline injections
Daily administration of pills and daily vitamins.

Daily administration of 3 medications is complimentary as many times your pup/s depend on critical medications. Any guest needing administration of more than 3 medications will be charged "an extreme medication" fee of $5. Maintaining quality of care is our #1 priority yet is does call for "extra" time with your pup.

Vaccination Requirements

Bordetella is required every 6 months
Negative Fecal (Required yearly)
Flea Treatment (Seasonal)
LYME (Highly recommended, not Illinois required)

For Cats: Rabies, Feline Lukemia, Distemper/Parvo

CANINE INFLUENZAVACCINATION REQUIRED for all guests (boarding, grooming, daycare, dog park)

Most vaccinations are good for 1 year. Wellness check by vet if not seen within the past 3 months is highly recommended.

Pet Healtchare Alert: Canine Influenza

As you may have heard in the news, canine influenza is going around our area with symptoms of coughing and fever. As much as we all try to be great pet owners and get our pets annual vaccinations, much as we do with our children, a virus is hard to predict or control. A few months ago, we started recommending the canine flu vaccination, but now we would like to require it for all daycare pups and frequent boarders for the greatest amount of safety for your beloved pets. Even with the vaccination, as we all know too well, it does not stop our pets from acquiring a virus. It is important to understand that the canine flu cannot be spread from dog to human but can easily be spread by any social environment where dogs play are.

Policy For All Boarding Dogs With Medication

Any medications that need to be given by a TNK Staff Member, needs the name of the medicine on the bottle with the diagnosis from the vet clinic. TNK also needs the food product or pill pocket that is needed to successfully administer the medication.

We also need directions on how to administer the medication. Any tips and how many times per day your pet needs to receive the medication.

No client will be allowed to board without this critical information, as it may be detrimental to our other guests and staff.

There is no charge for medication if your pet has 3 medications or under.

There is a daily charge for administration of over 3 medications. $5.00 per day for excessive medication administration as giving more than 3 medications takes additional time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Personal Belongings

We have everything that your dog needs to make him/her feel at home during their stay. Having something with your scent makes the dogs miss you more which makes it more difficult for your pup to have a connection with the TNK staff. Your pet will become acclimated quicker and with less stress without any items with your scent.

No blankets or beds will be permitted as TNK WILL NOT REPLACE ANY DAMAGED ITEM. 2 toys and 1 bone are fine.

Day Charge Philosophy

We charge a daily rate to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety. The daily rate helps to assist you with your travel plans and any delays that may or may not be within your control.

Your dog will be cared for each day starting at 6:30am and will have utilized all the kennel’s accommodations such as: heating, cooling, water, fire and smoke protection until you pick them up. Your dog receives all of his or her personal care between 6:30am and 8:30pm. You get what you are paying for —— which is EXCELLENT QUALITY AND CARE.

If you need to make arrangements outside of our normal office hours for drop-off or pick-up feel free to ask when you make your reservations.

DAYCARE IS 7:00am TO 7:00pm.

Weather Emergency Information

In the case of severe weather conditions know that our staff is always ahead of the STORM and we will call each owner as soon as we can to update them on the conditions at Top Notch. Our number one priority is always to ensure safety and the highest care and consideration of each and every guest.

Puppy Protocols

Here at Top Notch Kennels we are able to board any age pup from young to senior. As always we do our best to ensure every pup has the required vaccinations per their age. If the pup is too young for some recommended vaccinations then we will set up a custom boarding schedule. Just let us know when making your reservation.

Senior Dog Protocols

Top Notch Kennels recognizes dogs over the age of 6 as possibly needing Senior Care. If your pup needs extra care or veterinary services during their stay take comfort in knowing we have medical protocols in place to follow. Your primary vet, our team and the medical professionals are all here to help while your family is away.

We understand that putting your senior dog through vaccinations year after year can become difficult, whether for health reasons or just transporting them to a vet. Top Notch Kennels does allow and accept TITERS as a form of “REQUIRED VACCINATIONS”. Please inform our office staff of this when making your reservation.

In Case of Medical Emergency Philosophy

Top Notch Kennels is a third party care giver, and keeps wellness reports on a daily basis. If any medical situation does occur Top Notch Kennels will:
1) Call the pet’s owner
2) Bring the pet to vet listed on contract, or to one of the two hospitals listed below.
Top Notch Kennels will also bring copies of the daily reports that contain the pets eating habits, potty habits, and emotional status of the pet.

In light of an emergency of any kind, Top Notch Kennels will respectfully and personally take your pet to your listed vet if within 15 miles of the kennel. If your vet is farther, or they do not accept life-threatening emergencies, then Top Notch Kennels will automatically take him/her to:

During normal business hours
River Heights Veterinary Hospital Oswego, IL, 630-554-3400

After normal business hours
VCA Animal Hospital Aurora, IL, 630-896-8541

At the time of check in at either vet option above, Top Notch Kennels will give all pet owners’ personal contact information for billing requirements.

Dignity and compassion will be our number one priority to any outcome that may arise.

All emergency costs are at the pet owner’s expense, as such you will be billed directly by the health care provider named above. Top Notch Kennels has no affiliation of any kind with any veterinary facility.

In Case of a Medical Emergency Waiver

Late & Early Drop-off & Pick-up Policy

Our hours appear to be rigid, which is necessary for scheduling purposes and for maintaining the highest level of care and consideration for all of our guests. However, listening to our awesome clients suggestions: WE ARE ABLE TO MAKE EXCEPTIONS. Please ask our qualified and accommodating staff to assist you and we will surely do our best.

Arrangements that we are just UNABLE to do:
Before 7:30am
During 1:00pm-3:00pm
After 8:00pm

Some arrangements MAY require a pre-pay, or a pre check in service.

We are hoping that this flexible option in "our hours" helps our loyal clients when booking reservations.

If you drop-off or pick-up your pet after normal business hours, you will be assessed a $15.00 fee.

Cancellation Policy

TNK takes great pride in truly listening to our customers suggestions so we have now modified our Cancelation Policy.
Cancelation fee NOW only applies to reservations booked in Home Sweet Homes, ER, and ALL suites for holidays and summer ONLY $50.00 if not cancelled 5 days before 1st day of stay, as these spots come with high demand we thought it only fair to respect every client wanting one of these during our peak season.

Boarding & Daycare Daily Schedule



4:00-5 or 6:00pm

til 8:30pm

Daycare arrivals
Turnout, feed, & meds
Yards, clean, dishes, & laundry
Playtime, walks, & supervised group
Daycare group playtime
Must needed rest period for all dogs
Playtime, walks, spervised group, & bath
Daycare group playtime
Office (pending season)
Daycare departures
Feeding & meds
Yards, clean, closing procedure

All guests with a suite (run attached) on beautiful mild days
will have the luxury of going in and out at will.

Remember Top Notch Philosophy:
As many of you know TNK is known for striving for a home-like atmosphere.  A wonderful place to send your pups on vacation, our facility is settled on a 10 acre secluded piece of land where the outside is endless. We could have hundreds of dogs in our daycare however, we truly believe allowing less is so much more. We have a maximum of 5 dogs per playgroup at all times and do not believe in having more. Our groups are run in conjunction to our boarding schedule as well. Daycare is not just about letting your dog run and play all day without any form of structure ONLY to tire them out.  If you choose Top Notch Kennel’s Daycare you will be giving your dog structure, safety and excellent caring staff!

Top Notch Kennels - Specializing in Boarding & Grooming since 1994. Contact TNK @ (630) 554-9001 or office@topnotchkennelsinc.com