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Our Training Team is dedicated to enhancing dog-owner relationships through positive reinforcement. We offer and customize training solutions to fit the needs of the owner and dog. We treat dogs as individuals using training techniques that are unique to your dog's way of learning to increase confidence in his or her performance.

Searching for fun, effective and affordable training in the Chicago area? Our Training Team works closely with you and your dog to customize the right training goals.

The TNK Staff prides themselves in offering a fun and energetic learning environment that will make you and your dog feel part of a community! Training provides good manners, as well as additional needed mental stimulation and physical exercise for your life-long companion.

For more information regarding our training servers, please email us at training@topnotchkennelsinc.com

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Training Options

Private Training - $60.00/hour
Private lessons are done at the facility and are between the trainer, dog, and owner. TNK’s trainer will work one on one with the owner and dog as a team to address problem behaviors and cover whatever obedience is desired by the owner.

Drop off your dog at the facility between 7am-9am.
Pick up the dog between 5:00pm-6:30pm.

During this time we will train your dog starting with basic obedience and work on behavioral issues. With this option of training they will rotate throughout the day and partake in daycare (if applicable).

Training & Boarding Options

Option 1
$1450.00 - 21 days of personalized training for your pet.  6 months and older.  All-inclusive training, boarding, training treats, departure bath and nail trim.  1 hour Exit demonstration with trainer and all family members

Option 2 - 10 Day Basic
$780.00 - This shorter bootcamp option is designed to help owners whose pets need a better grasp of basic obedience. This is an especially good option for adolescent dogs who have not yet mastered basic commands and manners. We will teach: sit, down, stand, come and will work on stay, off/leave it, taking food gently and walking nicely. Progress will vary from dog to dog, as each dog is an individual with different mental and physical abilities.

Boot Camp

During boot camp the dog stays with us. We place the foundation: which is obedience, consistency, and behavioral issues. This includes but not limited to: heel, sit, down, stay, come, begging, jumping, nipping, public situation.

All dogs have individual personalities and aptitude levels. There are many reasons that factor into time needed. Such as: age, type of problems, and goals desired by owner. Therefore, the weekly minimums vary +/- each dog.


2 Wonderful Trainers on Staff

All vaccinations required

Joy Richmond

Adopted her first dog at the age of 12. The relationship she developed with this companion fostered her love of animals and fascination with animal behavior and led her to obtain a BS in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois. Joy continues to expand her knowledge of dog care and advances in training and behavior by reading books, articles and journals and is pursuing her CPDT certification. Her training philosophy is based on positive reinforcement and focuses on improving the communication between human and dog to allow them to live together more comfortably. She uses benevolent training methods that she has acquired from her own experience, as well as that of other trainers and behaviorists. Her ability to "read" a dog's body language and knowledge of dog thought processes, allow her to adjust her training to each client's needs. She believes in using the dog's brain, instead of pain. Her method requires patience and reinforcement by the owners, but produces a happy, loving, well-mannered companion and strengthens the bond between the owner and their dog. Joy is currently enjoying the challenge of training her Leonberger puppy, Kilo. Joy is also a wonderful asset to TNK for almost 3 years. Starting as a kennel tech and now supervisor. Joy's future also brings her an interest with the possibitly of dog grooming. We wish her the best of luck!

Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Top Notch Kennel Training

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